Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mysterious Strangers Profile: Verity Mills...

My platinum blonde, Verity Mills.  Surely, she alone should have launched our sales past SAGA (or at least a couple issues behind).

Order info: The Mysterious Strangers TPB V1: Strange Ways by Chris Roberson, Scott Kowalchuk, and Dan Jackson - SEP13 1250

Mysterious Strangers Profile: Kono...

Michael Kono!  Order now, more Strangers!  More Strangers!

Order info: The Mysterious Strangers TPB V1: Strange Ways by Chris Roberson, Scott Kowalchuk, and Dan Jackson - SEP13 1250

Mysterious Strangers Profile: Sandoval...

Ah, Sandoval, I sure hope comic fans buy our trade, so I can draw you some more!

Mysterious Strangers Profile: Absalom Quince...

Decided to include some fun extras in the upcoming MYSTERIOUS STRANGERS tpb.  I drafted up some profile pages for our Strangers!  I don't want to say you HAVE to buy the trade to ensure Chris and I get to revisit the characters...but, you might.  It's called blackmail.

Order info: The Mysterious Strangers TPB V1: Strange Ways by Chris Roberson, Scott Kowalchuk, and Dan Jackson - SEP13 1250

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Legit Cover to DOWN SET FIGHT!

Seems like as good a time as any!  We were all caught off guard when DSF leapt into Previews -- so much so the cover didn't come until after.  So, to gear all you kats and kittens up, behold the cover to...

"2014's Most Outstanding Graphic Novel -- unlike anything you'll ever read. One of those special kind of books, that will cause your Grandma to laugh herself to death.  Which is convenient, as the stupid old broad is leaving her estate to you.  Lucky bastard"
                                                                     -Scott Kowalchuk (Mysterious Strangers, the Intrepids)

Previews Order Code: OCT13 1259

Mysterious Strangers #6 and Volume 1...

With the coming of Wednesday so to comes the conclusion to Volume 1 of the Mysterious Strangers.

The trade hits shops January 29th, 2014.

We're currently eagerly awaiting adding new adventures for are quartet until word comes down from on high as to how Volume 1 performs in your Local Comic Shops.  So, munchkins, if you love this book and have been picking it up monthly, thank you!  You're beautiful and I'd like to make-out with you.  If you have a friend or twelve you think may dig the series hold them in a figure-four leg lock until they give in and order Volume 1.

Order info: The Mysterious Strangers TPB V1: Strange Ways by Chris Roberson, Scott Kowalchuk, and Dan Jackson - SEP13 1250

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mysterious Strangers #6...

In shops Nov 20!

Hey all,  here it comes!  Issue #6 of Mysterious Strangers, the conclusion of 'X Marks the Naught'.  The 10th Imperium swiftly bested our Strangers in the previous issue, now it's payback!

FOC deadline is October 28.  Get to your LCBS and demand, DEMAND they preorder your copy.  Diamond Code: SEP131252.

For those still unfamiliar with the book, find a free copy of #1 here.  Thanks again COMIXOLOGY!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


With the coming of October so comes Mysterious Strangers #5 (Diamond order code AUG131390).  Having bested THE SCARABS in September, the Strangers come face-to-face with a threat from beyond the stars, the 10th Imperium.  #5 is also special in that we will get snapshot of the Strangers of the past.  Yup, kind of an origin story.

#5 cover looks like this:

While #6 will look like this:

And as with those previous issues you end up with this little slice of rad upon buying both issues:

The Strangers' vacation is interrupted when they are sent to the American Midwest to investigate a rash of 'flying saucer' incidents. But if the reports are true, does that mean that the Earth is being visited by beings from outer space? Or are these visitors something far more strange, and far more deadly?

Lets go crazy on these two issues of THE MYSTERIOUS STRANGERS!  I adore this book and want to keep bringing it to you fine folks month-after-month.  Get your friends or parents whose basement you are currently living in to buy our book!

Monday, September 23, 2013


New this week in comic shops, MYSTERIOUS STRANGERS #4.  The conclusion to our second story arc, with the Strangers battling THE SCARABS!

We could use your support on this book, ComicBookDom!  I really want to keep making this series, but we need some serious support from a few more Retailers and Fans.  If you're waiting on the TPB, rad, very cool, but maybe pick-up an issue or two and pass them along to someone who may like the our 60s Supernatural SpyFi.  Share!  SHARE!

Thanks, All. 

The Strangers have traveled halfway around the world to stop Verity's favorite band from bringing about the end of the world. But despite the team's best efforts, The Scarabs have made it to the stage... If this mystical quartet makes it to their encore, the curtain will fall for Earth as we know it!


Hey All,

I've been pretty tight lipped on this one for a while know (except those close to me who have heard me talk about it constantly).  Soon to be released from ONI PRESS my OGN with writers Chris Sims and Chad Bowers DOWN! SET! FIGHT! 

I'm a pretty humble guy, but this book is something special.  Us regular-comic-book-reading-Joes will love it, I mean, who doesn't want to punch a mascot?!  But I think there is tonnes of appeal to non-comic book folk.  NFL fans especially.  If you're looking for a gift for Dad, trust me, this one really fits the bill!

I'm going to be talking about this book A LOT in the coming months (with the actual cover coming soon, and teaser images).  I'd love fans and comicbookdom to get on board and help get our action-packed series in local shops.  Seriously, friends, I LOVE this book, you will too.

Your Order Code is OCT 1259!

One man versus every mascot in professional sports. They will all be punched. It's kick-off time for this year's most action-packed and hilarious comic! 

"Fearless" Chuck Fairlane was football's fastest rising star, but his career came to a screeching halt when he was expelled from the league affter goin' HAM and causing the giggest brawl in the history of sports. Years later, Chuck has found peace as a high school football coach, until costumed mascots begin attacking him for seemingly no reason. Before long, Chuck's going to discover that you can't run away from the past -- but you can punch it square in the face! 


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Silver Surfer (w/ FF) commission...

As part of an art swap with Mike Allred.  Originally just supposed to be the Surfer, couldn't help myself, had to take a pass at Mike's terrific FF designs!  Oh She-Hulk.  *swoon*

Friday, August 16, 2013

Batman 66 Commission: Surf's Up Joker!...

catching up on commissions.  Had to add colour to this one for myself -- though, I think the fellah who axed for it is going to be a no-show.  We'll see.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mysterious Strangers #0 Prologue...

For those of you too eager to wait until August 28 and the release of issue #3 of the Mysterious Strangers, I have a treat!  During May-July ONI published a 4 page back-up story The Mysterious Strangers Team put together to help all you kats and kittens get a flavour for our new book.  In case you missed it dig in, you lucky devils!


Friday, August 2, 2013

Mysterious Strangers #3 (order # JUN131229)

Dear Comic Book Friends,

Lets make issue #3 of my and Chris Roberson's new ONI PRESS series the MYSTERIOUS STRANGERS the biggest yet!  Let you local comic retailer know you want it, and twist the arm of several of your friends to try it too.  I'm NOT saying physically harm anyone, though that is your choice...

This is the cover you are looking for:

And remember, as with issues #1 & #2, issue #3 will have a connecting cover to issue #4 (below):

Combined, they make the below slice of awesome!


I don't want to say you'll regret it if you don't preorder them, but, between you and me, #4 is my fave issue of the series to date.  Order it, love it, collect it!

Comics!  Woo!

Scott K

Monday, July 22, 2013


 Last week, Shaggy lost his Scooby. Or, in my case, Scott lost his potbelly pig, Lola. 2 weeks from her 9th birthday. 6 days ago Amanda and I temporarily relocated Lola to a potbelly pig sanctuary just east of Calgary. We were gearing up to renovate our new diggs over the next 2 months, so we decided to spare Lola the stress (as we also needed to renovate her room too), then dash out upon completion and bring our girl back. Sadly, Lola passed away sometime in the night on July 17. Most of those who knew about my piggy know I adored her. Completely loved her. Head over heels. Lola was Amanda's and my daughter prior to the birth of Gwendolyn (sorry Gwen, that's just the way it was, babe). I've heard some can scoff at the loss of a pet, but I ain't one of them. It's been an extremely sad day for us all. But, my piggy had a good life, she was deeply loved by her herd (us!). We picked up her little-giant 135lbs body from the sanctuary and brought her to a crematorium in Calgary. I kept expecting her to jump to life, but sadly, even a kiss on her big, stinky cheek couldn't bring her back. I miss my stinky, grouchy pig immensely. Love you Lola -- please haunt our home!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Papa Kowalchuk at SDCC signing schedule...

Hey all,

I'm at the San Diego Comic Con briefly this weekend.  If you are looking for signatures or sketches catch me at the ONI PRESS booth 1833:

Friday 12-2 & 4-6
Saturday 10-11 & 2-4

There are going to be a bunch of MYSTERIOUS STRANGERS incentives, including a variant cover from Mike and Laura Allred (AMAZING!) and Mysterious Strangers temporary tattoos!

UPDATE: Due to a sudden death in the family overnight, I've had to cancel my trip to SDCC. 

the Mysterious Strangers behind the scenes: Miss Styx and Hidalgo...

One of my favourite parts of this book is all the design work.  With our unique 2-issue arc format, I'm tasked with creating new characters and locations all the time.  It's a blast.  Here's a look at Pres Marcos and the Mutants:

And Miss Styx and her Beauty Queen Cultists.  Man, do I hope we see them again in the future!

the Mysterious Strangers behind the scenes: OCCULT

OCCULT was one of the biggest attractions of this story to me from the outset.  I love comic book villains.  Creating, drawing, everything.  Love them.  So I had to take special care with out characters in this first arc.

Our main man 'Capricorn' is one of the rumoured 3 heads of OCCULT.  This is our man:

But, originally, I had designed him as such:

Didn't resonate enough with me.

Also in this issue we see Marie Furie and Tabu.  Roberson is terrific.  He asked flat out if I had any preferences on these characters -- all he specified was one is super strong, the other can control minds.  All you lucky cats with the issue in hand know who-is-who:

the Mysterious Strangers behind the scenes: The Strangers

Well, today was it!  Issue's #1 & #2 of my and Chris Roberson's new ONI PRESS series hit the direct market.  I decided it prudent to give everyone a look at some of the supplemental work we have created prior to the release of the book.  Here are a look at our initial character designs for the Strangers!

Verity and Quince.  Verity went through the greatest number of variations of the main cast.  Though Sandoval had the most major overhaul from the original concept:

As you can see, Sandoval was originally called THORNE.  The story of his transformation is a long one, but needless to say Chris Roberson is a terrific partner.  Gives me lots of support and room to create!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Carmine Infantino...

 Just found out comic book legend Carmine Infantino passed away.  Really struck me as, more than anyone, Infantino's work was what ignited my passion for comic books when I was little.  Carmine was the co-creator of the Silver Age FLASH, Barry Allen.  I was born in the 80s, so my first experience with the character was when Carmine revisited the hero with writer Cary Bates around issue #300 (I got into after the run had already ended, take it easy, I was a kid!).  Their run on the series lasted until #350 and the end of Barry Allen's adventures.  I was never a kid that bought weekly comics, rather I would roam through the stacks and buy previously released books.  My Pops would take me to a local book trader TRAMPS, and it was here I fell in love with Carmine and Cary Bates work on the FLASH.  I bought all the issues and was completely immersed in the world they created around the Scarlett Speedster.

Cary and Carmine kept the world of the Flash fun, light-hearted, and even had Barry face threats from villains that didn't involve mass-murder, sometimes just grand larceny.  It was a terrific series, that really utilized the best aspects of the super hero genre, and made me fall head over heels for comics in general.

Carmine's funny compositions, creative character designs, and imaginative 'speed-lines' were my first real memory of trying to understand how comics were drawn.  I would pour over the issues again and again looking at how he layed out pages, introduced characters, and made marks.  Little did I know his work would become a cornerstone for me and light a fire that led me to become a comic book artist myself.

As years passed I eventually became inspired by other artists work and followed their aesthetic more closely, but it was Carmine's imagination that drew me into this world of funny books, and it is something I will be eternally grateful for.

Thanks Carmine!  Rest well.

Scott Kowalchuk

The Mysterious Strangers FCBD Comixology...

Hey all,

So we had a mix-up with Comixology on Free Comic Book Day and issue #1 of Chris Roberson's and my new Oni Press series THE MYSTERIOUS STRANGERS -- it was never released.  But don't fret.  Available as of today on Comixology is the FCBD  version of #1!  Please enjoy the link and an Oni Press sponsored FCBD 2.0!


ps also look for fellow Oni creators Joey Weiser and Chris Schweizer's FCBD offering!

Monday, May 6, 2013

MYSTERIOIUS STRANGERS, FCBD and the release of issue #1 and #2...

Hey all,

So, Saturday May 4 was the big day!  My latest series, THE STRANGERS, with writer Chris Roberson was released.  The wonderful and supportive folks at ONI PRESS offered-up issue #1 to readers for FREE.  I've heard back from colleagues and fans and the response has been overwhelmingly positive!  Hazzuh!

Now that everyone has gotten a taste of Roberson's and my 60s Supernatural SpyFi we very much hope you, fans and readers, high-tail it to your local comic book shop and let those fine folks know you want issue #2 ordered ASAP.  Your PREVIEWS order #MAY131215.

Issue #1 will be re-released the same month as #2 and I want everyone ordering to know the skinny.  The FCBD issue had a stand alone cover.  The cover to the regular edition #1 will look like this:

While #2 will look like this:

From the outset Chris planned to work this series in a 2-issue plot format.  Meaning, #2 will resolve the story set out in #1.  #4 will resolve #3, and so-on.  Being the entrepreneur he is, Chris suggested we connect both covers to further highlight the format of the book. 

Thus, the covers to issues #1 and #2!

It's a little added incentive to all you cats and kittens to give our creator-owned book from ONI PRESS a whirl!  I was informed by a few friends, colleagues and fans their local comic shop did not have the FCBD version of the STRANGERS, so please, ensure you let your Shopkeep know you want these ordered.  Creator-owned books depend on early fan response and pre-orders really mean a lot.  If your retailer knows there is an appetite for the book, they may give us another look and have a few more copies on hand.

And, please, link or copy this post on your own forums, we would love to have your support on this series.  After all, I love it, and I really want to share with all-of-you-all!    

Thanks all, you're SWELL

Scott Kowalchuk

Thursday, May 2, 2013

ONI PRESS: THE STRANGERS -- Comic Book Therapy Interview...

Me talking!  Out loud.  About my new series with Chris Roberson, THE STRANGERS.  The word I forgot was 'discharge.'  Obviously.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Alright, panty-waists, May 4th is Free Comic Book Day.  ISSUE #1 of my new ONI PRESS series with writer Chris Roberson THE STRANGERS will be available from your local comic shops.  You'll need to pick it up.  It's very good.  Promise.

ps not the final cover, but you get the idea!

Monday, April 29, 2013

THOR (w/MR HYDE) Con sketch...

A commission of Thor from a local convention this past weekend.  Thanks, Jason!

RED SONJA Con sketch...

A commission of Red Sonja from a local convention this past weekend.  Thanks, Sean!

BOOSTER GOLD: Con sketch....

A commission or Booster Gold from a local convention this past weekend.  Ah, Booster.  Thanks, Keith!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

the STRANGERS advert....

Man, ONI PRESS sure has a wealth of talent at their office.  I love the hell out of this ad.  Very 1960s.  Special note:  Robin Herrera (Associate Editor on the book) dreamed-up the tag.  So good!

ps Yeah, that's the MARK WAID endorsing our book.  Bananas.