Saturday, October 11, 2008

If Looks Could Kill Art Boutique (Monster Mash)...

I love the Looks Could Kill Boutique. This is the second show I am taking part in there. These images are a little older -- but are still amongst my favorite subject matter...MOVIE MONSTERS! Yee-Ha!

More 1960s Television

These two were part of a four piece series based on my favorite television from the 1960s. There are two more pieces for 'the Prisoner' and 'the Wild, Wild West' that I would like to take another crack at. I'm extremely happy with the sequential story-telling in the 'Get Smart' piece. Lots of fun.


I'm not a particularly confident acrylic painter -- though I'm excited about how the Mother Bates piece is turning out. Though I think it is only about 60% painted.

Both pieces were for a Protagonist/Antagonist assignment for my Figure Illustration class. There are a lot of hidden symbols in the Norman Bates/Protagonist piece -- so hidden I'm not sure anyone can see them. Hi-Oh!