Wednesday, July 17, 2013

the Mysterious Strangers behind the scenes: OCCULT

OCCULT was one of the biggest attractions of this story to me from the outset.  I love comic book villains.  Creating, drawing, everything.  Love them.  So I had to take special care with out characters in this first arc.

Our main man 'Capricorn' is one of the rumoured 3 heads of OCCULT.  This is our man:

But, originally, I had designed him as such:

Didn't resonate enough with me.

Also in this issue we see Marie Furie and Tabu.  Roberson is terrific.  He asked flat out if I had any preferences on these characters -- all he specified was one is super strong, the other can control minds.  All you lucky cats with the issue in hand know who-is-who:

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