Wednesday, July 17, 2013

the Mysterious Strangers behind the scenes: The Strangers

Well, today was it!  Issue's #1 & #2 of my and Chris Roberson's new ONI PRESS series hit the direct market.  I decided it prudent to give everyone a look at some of the supplemental work we have created prior to the release of the book.  Here are a look at our initial character designs for the Strangers!

Verity and Quince.  Verity went through the greatest number of variations of the main cast.  Though Sandoval had the most major overhaul from the original concept:

As you can see, Sandoval was originally called THORNE.  The story of his transformation is a long one, but needless to say Chris Roberson is a terrific partner.  Gives me lots of support and room to create!

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