Friday, August 2, 2013

Mysterious Strangers #3 (order # JUN131229)

Dear Comic Book Friends,

Lets make issue #3 of my and Chris Roberson's new ONI PRESS series the MYSTERIOUS STRANGERS the biggest yet!  Let you local comic retailer know you want it, and twist the arm of several of your friends to try it too.  I'm NOT saying physically harm anyone, though that is your choice...

This is the cover you are looking for:

And remember, as with issues #1 & #2, issue #3 will have a connecting cover to issue #4 (below):

Combined, they make the below slice of awesome!


I don't want to say you'll regret it if you don't preorder them, but, between you and me, #4 is my fave issue of the series to date.  Order it, love it, collect it!

Comics!  Woo!

Scott K

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Christian Orellana said...

Man, this book was so much fun! I want EVERYBODY to read it. I will be writing a review about the 2-part story arc soon!