Wednesday, October 2, 2013


With the coming of October so comes Mysterious Strangers #5 (Diamond order code AUG131390).  Having bested THE SCARABS in September, the Strangers come face-to-face with a threat from beyond the stars, the 10th Imperium.  #5 is also special in that we will get snapshot of the Strangers of the past.  Yup, kind of an origin story.

#5 cover looks like this:

While #6 will look like this:

And as with those previous issues you end up with this little slice of rad upon buying both issues:

The Strangers' vacation is interrupted when they are sent to the American Midwest to investigate a rash of 'flying saucer' incidents. But if the reports are true, does that mean that the Earth is being visited by beings from outer space? Or are these visitors something far more strange, and far more deadly?

Lets go crazy on these two issues of THE MYSTERIOUS STRANGERS!  I adore this book and want to keep bringing it to you fine folks month-after-month.  Get your friends or parents whose basement you are currently living in to buy our book!

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KRStyle said...

I just discovered this series last week. You work is AMAZING! A new book for my pull list.