Monday, September 23, 2013


New this week in comic shops, MYSTERIOUS STRANGERS #4.  The conclusion to our second story arc, with the Strangers battling THE SCARABS!

We could use your support on this book, ComicBookDom!  I really want to keep making this series, but we need some serious support from a few more Retailers and Fans.  If you're waiting on the TPB, rad, very cool, but maybe pick-up an issue or two and pass them along to someone who may like the our 60s Supernatural SpyFi.  Share!  SHARE!

Thanks, All. 

The Strangers have traveled halfway around the world to stop Verity's favorite band from bringing about the end of the world. But despite the team's best efforts, The Scarabs have made it to the stage... If this mystical quartet makes it to their encore, the curtain will fall for Earth as we know it!

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