Sunday, December 28, 2008

Graveyard Soldier...

Alright, I've always been fascinated by the two World Wars. The events leading up to the wars, the players involved, the motivations and, in this case, the costuming. This image was a costume study of a Canadian soldier, circa WWI. Now, I did take a few liberties -- the jacket is based on an Australian soldiers, and the collar is based on a Russian. What fascinated me most when reading up on the Wars was that soldiers had to carry upwards of 40 kilos worth of equipment when running into battle -- thus, the enormous backpack.

I would like to include some more smoke. As well, perhaps some phantoms chasing our good soldier through the graveyard. Regardless, enjoy!

The Domino's Pizza Noid...

I always wondered what became of the Domino's Pizza Noid. You know, the pizza destroying mascot of the 1980s. The Noid was always my favorite corporate mascot, mostly because he hated the companies product and made attempt after attempt to destroy it. Pretty hilarious marketing gimmick. Anyway, this three panel story theorized that the Noid did survive his debunking from mascot status, but has done nothing but consume Domino's Pizza since. Poor bugger.

Corus Entertainment Annual Report (mock)...

The illustration class had an annual report project as a final assignment this term. I chose to do a 6-page comic for Corus Entertainment (a Canadian broadcasting company). There are a few panels I want to redraw, as well as all of page 4. Other than that I really like the direction these pages started to take. I'm also proud of the fact I coloured all of this is one day (as well as inked one of the six pages). Dig in!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Super Dad...

This image is supposed to accompany an article about children's realization that their fathers are normal guys and not he-men. I'm still trying to develop a colour vocabulary. I'm getting there.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

If Looks Could Kill Art Boutique (Monster Mash)...

I love the Looks Could Kill Boutique. This is the second show I am taking part in there. These images are a little older -- but are still amongst my favorite subject matter...MOVIE MONSTERS! Yee-Ha!

More 1960s Television

These two were part of a four piece series based on my favorite television from the 1960s. There are two more pieces for 'the Prisoner' and 'the Wild, Wild West' that I would like to take another crack at. I'm extremely happy with the sequential story-telling in the 'Get Smart' piece. Lots of fun.


I'm not a particularly confident acrylic painter -- though I'm excited about how the Mother Bates piece is turning out. Though I think it is only about 60% painted.

Both pieces were for a Protagonist/Antagonist assignment for my Figure Illustration class. There are a lot of hidden symbols in the Norman Bates/Protagonist piece -- so hidden I'm not sure anyone can see them. Hi-Oh!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

If Looks Could Kill Art Boutique (Midway Mania)...

This is an image I did for the If Looks Could Kill Art Boutique in Art Central. The show centered on the Calgary Midway (for non-Calgarians that is the carnival that happens during Stampede time). Anyway, Jennifer, the gallery owner, was keen on focusing on the outlandish aspects associated with the Midway, thus my focus. Carnies. I am particularly happy with the 'Carnie' in the foreground.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Okay, so I am part of a show coming up in July or August. The show is centered around vinyl toys -- these pre-designed figures that you add your own work to. Now, the vinyl toys in question for this show are called Bax Bears. As the figure is a bear I decided to try and recreate the Sean Connery character Sir August DeWinter for the 1998 film the Avengers. At one point in the movie the character and his lackies are seated around a table all dressed in bear costumes (Sir August removes his mask revealing his face during the meeting). The movie pretty much stuck to 60's camp which I am so very fond of. So far I have only sculpted Connery's head sans hair. I'm pretty happy with the likeness. I haven't done any sculpting since high school, so, needless to say, I am pretty jazzed that I could get a likeness at all.

Above is my Connery sculpt so far, compared to one of the half dozen pictures I have been using for reference.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

More May/June 2008...

More of my favorites from May and June.

The amount of adult material I had to sift through to find the pictures of the naked ladies, man I'm still exhausted. REALLY exhausted. What?

May/June 2008 sketches...

I felt pretty guilty last summer having not drawn very much. This summer is a totally different story -- my sketchbook(s) has never filled up so fast.

I'm very fond of the paintings thus far. I need to schedule some more time to practice that.

I think I should find an additional muse, rather than solely focusing on the Adam West Batman. Nah!

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Weather Man...

the old 1966 Batman television series starring Adam West and Burt Ward has been a huge source of inspiration for me in my illustrative work. When I first saw the show around 1988 -- a year before Tim Burton's Batman was to be released -- I remember racing home everyday to watch it (much like children would have done back in the sixties, I assume).

Anyway, these images are of a "Super Villain" I created that I hope would have fit perfectly within that television utopia. The villain's name is the Weather Man, and if I had it my way the character would have been played by Robert Goulet.

I really liked The Weather Man's goons in the fourth piece. Their names: Celsius and Fahrenheit, respectively.