Monday, November 18, 2013

The Legit Cover to DOWN SET FIGHT!

Seems like as good a time as any!  We were all caught off guard when DSF leapt into Previews -- so much so the cover didn't come until after.  So, to gear all you kats and kittens up, behold the cover to...

"2014's Most Outstanding Graphic Novel -- unlike anything you'll ever read. One of those special kind of books, that will cause your Grandma to laugh herself to death.  Which is convenient, as the stupid old broad is leaving her estate to you.  Lucky bastard"
                                                                     -Scott Kowalchuk (Mysterious Strangers, the Intrepids)

Previews Order Code: OCT13 1259

Mysterious Strangers #6 and Volume 1...

With the coming of Wednesday so to comes the conclusion to Volume 1 of the Mysterious Strangers.

The trade hits shops January 29th, 2014.

We're currently eagerly awaiting adding new adventures for are quartet until word comes down from on high as to how Volume 1 performs in your Local Comic Shops.  So, munchkins, if you love this book and have been picking it up monthly, thank you!  You're beautiful and I'd like to make-out with you.  If you have a friend or twelve you think may dig the series hold them in a figure-four leg lock until they give in and order Volume 1.

Order info: The Mysterious Strangers TPB V1: Strange Ways by Chris Roberson, Scott Kowalchuk, and Dan Jackson - SEP13 1250