Monday, May 6, 2013

MYSTERIOIUS STRANGERS, FCBD and the release of issue #1 and #2...

Hey all,

So, Saturday May 4 was the big day!  My latest series, THE STRANGERS, with writer Chris Roberson was released.  The wonderful and supportive folks at ONI PRESS offered-up issue #1 to readers for FREE.  I've heard back from colleagues and fans and the response has been overwhelmingly positive!  Hazzuh!

Now that everyone has gotten a taste of Roberson's and my 60s Supernatural SpyFi we very much hope you, fans and readers, high-tail it to your local comic book shop and let those fine folks know you want issue #2 ordered ASAP.  Your PREVIEWS order #MAY131215.

Issue #1 will be re-released the same month as #2 and I want everyone ordering to know the skinny.  The FCBD issue had a stand alone cover.  The cover to the regular edition #1 will look like this:

While #2 will look like this:

From the outset Chris planned to work this series in a 2-issue plot format.  Meaning, #2 will resolve the story set out in #1.  #4 will resolve #3, and so-on.  Being the entrepreneur he is, Chris suggested we connect both covers to further highlight the format of the book. 

Thus, the covers to issues #1 and #2!

It's a little added incentive to all you cats and kittens to give our creator-owned book from ONI PRESS a whirl!  I was informed by a few friends, colleagues and fans their local comic shop did not have the FCBD version of the STRANGERS, so please, ensure you let your Shopkeep know you want these ordered.  Creator-owned books depend on early fan response and pre-orders really mean a lot.  If your retailer knows there is an appetite for the book, they may give us another look and have a few more copies on hand.

And, please, link or copy this post on your own forums, we would love to have your support on this series.  After all, I love it, and I really want to share with all-of-you-all!    

Thanks all, you're SWELL

Scott Kowalchuk

Thursday, May 2, 2013

ONI PRESS: THE STRANGERS -- Comic Book Therapy Interview...

Me talking!  Out loud.  About my new series with Chris Roberson, THE STRANGERS.  The word I forgot was 'discharge.'  Obviously.