Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Wyatt Family! Follow the Buzzards, Baby!

Well, hello there.  So, I’ve been felled by Bilateral Pneumonia for the past 8 weeks (…for real? Just adding that up, yikes!).  Anyway, so I’ve finally regained my strength and energy and decided to celebrate by drawing the WYATT FAMILY!  Yup, while laying horizontal, sick I stumbled across them and have now begun watching wrestling again after 15 years.  *Tear* it’s like finding a long lost love…

Friday, October 10, 2014

Batman '66 #17 or Dreams DO Come true...

Okay, yes, I'm drawing and colouring Batman '66 #17 for DC Comics....!

This is where I find myself: Living the dream, baby!  As a munchkin there were few things I loved more in life than curling up and watching the Adam West BATMAN TV Show.  I mean, sure, that led well into my late 20s, but thats another story.  1966's Batman inspired my entire illustration aesthetic, as my school-chums and instructors can attest to.  I always wondered " can I include Adam West or Batman in this assignment?" -- and in many cases I triumphed!  Hazzuh!

But, as time passed I realized I couldn't just draw '66 Batman, mostly because there was no book or series being published focusing on it.  Well, thanks to the fine folks at DC Comics that book now does exist.  And with a wink-and-nod to Jeff Parker and Jim Chadwick I find myself fulfilling the dream of my munchkin-self and drawing the Adam West Batman.  Professionally.  I know, pretty great, right?

I've been a quite a journey, and I still find it unbelievable working on something I so longed to do.  But here I am.

So, I decided to dive in and show you folks some of the Bat 66 work I've assembled over the years in chasing my dream:

In my fourth year of study at the Alberta College of Art and Design I had the idea for a drawn history of the making of the Batman TV Show.  c2008

Then I had an idea to do an animated version of the show. c2009

Then college ended, and I started drawing comic books professionally.  Occasionally folks would ask for a Batman commission...well, there was only ever one Batman important enough to me to draw.  So, anytime anyone asked they got Adam West Batman.  That's how I roll, baby!  c2010-2013

Then any extra time I found for working in my sketchbook...yup, mostly just turned into a stroll down Bat-Lane. c2010-2011

And that brings me to now!  A deeply trusted friend & colleague mentioned to Jeff Parker BATMAN '66 was my dream job, which got Jeff and I talking.  Amazing, right?  Obviously I had to provide some test-work to ensure I could recreate actors likenesses...well, can I really call this work?

I always loved John Astin's RIDDLER! And while he doesn't appear in the series, he does in this test work I sent to Jeff,  Jim Chadwick and Aniz Ansari.

So, that's a snapshot, dear friends and neighbours, of my dream to draw Batman.  I'm so thankful to be here and having been able to experience this!

Keep your eyes opened for the digital version being released through Comixology soon, and the print issue available November 26, 2014 (the same month the TV Series is released on DVD and Blu-Ray!).  

Keep an eye trained for this cover (from the entirely too talented Mike & Laura Allred!  The bestest people in comics!).  Yeah, I got to draw and colour King Tut, my fave villain from the show!

Thanks all, what a ride this has been!

Scott K

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

DOWN SET FIGHT Digital Covers....

Okay, so I'm swamped at the moment.  Lots of juggling of projects, which should result in some pretty terrific material for you wieners to read later this year or early next.

So, I want everyone to buy/read DOWN SET FIGHT I love it, and it seems like folks who have read it do too.  I'm going to try and make and post some new images for the book as I'm a little bummed the book hasn't done triple SAGA sales.  You know, something totally reasonable.  Though I have sold out of my copies at both Conventions I've been to this year.

Anyway, lets get started with posting the full line of digital covers.  #5 was my favourite solely for the fact I drew DOGPOUND again.  Aw, DP.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DOWN SET FIGHT! Behind the scenes...

So, as if you didn't already know, today marks the release of DOWN SET FIGHT!  Hurray!  Hazzuh!  And the like...!  Of all my work to date this is the one I am most fond of.  Having looked through the TPB I realized it was so packed full of story we weren't able to include any of development work.  Oh, boy, chumps and chumpettes are you in for it now.

Here it comes, a post specially dedicated to some of the behind-the-scenes work I did leading up to the production of DSF.

The first time I was contact about the book was late 2010 -- Editor-man Charlie Chu and I had been discussing about finding me a home at ONI (thanks again, Charlie, you're the best!).  After batting a few pitches back and forth he sent me what was the initial pitch for DOWN SET FIGHT! from Chris Sims and Chad Bowers.  To ensure the union would be solid I was asked to develop some character sketches and tackle (pun! Boooo!) audition pages (which I've just discovered have been lost to the ravages of time).

Now, bear in mind, this was even prior to the release of my first book THE INTREPIDS so you'll quickly notice the difference in refinement.  First up the original design for FEARLESS himself:

Obviously, I've done some professional growing.  Still, bare-chested Chuck!  Ow!

Then I took a run a Al Fairlane -- gang all agreed he was WAY too Get Carter Michael Caine.  Still, I tried to keep some of that in the final design:

With a quick revision, we landed on something everyone agreed on:

Seriously, I cannot believe how much I've grown artistically since these.

Then came, Molly.  I think the inspiration for her is pretty obvious.  At least, I think it is.

So long ago.  I adored Molly.  I love books with a tough female lead -- it was nice getting to include so much of her!

Then came Crockett.  This one never really evolved.  We all liked the original design:

Early on I had no clue how flippin' hard it was going to be to have a regular sized fellah interacting with a bunch of giant-headed assholes.  I soon learned.

Jumbo was our next big mascot reveal.  I initially tried the smaller head to try and draw some parallell to the Rhino in Spidey books (trying to attract some more of the mass reading audience).  Thankfully, Charlie suggested a larger head, which I think was a better move.

Then along came Barclay the Bear.  Seriously, the whole team is so proud of that chapter.  Such a terrific fight!

I don't know why Jumbo was a midget in these drawings...?

Now came who would become my fave character in the book, Dogpound & the Sudden Death Squad.  I played around with some seriously crappy designs to begin with:

I don't think I even sent these to the team for review.  I was toying around with the numbers on their faces counting down to ":01" -- impossibly lame regardless.

Then something happened:

I learned how to draw.  *swish*  I loved the muzzled Dogpound, Charlie pointed out he looked an awful lot like Dark Knight Rises Bane.  He was of course right.  But, a quick revision:

Boom!  Still my favourite character design to date.  Kept the muzzle and made him more dog-like.  Yeah, I'm a little proud of me.  Oh, and did I mention the evolution of his logo:

Please accept my apologies world at large.  Ah, screw it.  You deserve it.

This all led up to the big showdown of the final chapter.  Dozens of mascot, most of which I designed on page, but some required a little planning.

But first, was Big Fight Chuck:

For months I actually tried to contact someone at ADIDAS to try an get some corporate sponsorship for the book.  Sadly, I had to abandon the pursuit after getting no response.  The logo never appears, but, man, do I wish it did.

Al needed a new suit for the fight too.  I dropped the long jacket and the gloves in the end, but still:

Then came SuperBall.  I adore this jerk:

And that's pretty much all worth sharing.  I hope everyone tying into these has read and enjoyed the living hell out of the book.  Beginning to end, this was the most fun I've had drawing comics to date, and I cannot fully express how proud I am of Chris, Chad, Josh & Charlie.  Great team, great fun!  Thanks to everyone involved!  And to you for buying and reading... DOWN SET FIGHT!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

DOWN SET FIGHT #2 digital release...

Issue #2 of DOWN SET FIGHT hit Comixology today!  The story picks back up 10 years after where our previous issue left off, and now it all gets weird.  Guy in an elephant suit weird.
And for those holding out tight for the physical copy — Order code OCT13 1259 while visiting your local comic shop.
Written by Chad Bowers & Chris Sims
One man versus every mascot in professional sports. THEY WILL ALL BE PUNCHED. It’s kick-off time for this year’s most action-packed and hilarious comic!

"Fearless" Chuck Fairlane was football’s fastest rising star, but his career came to a screeching halt when he was expelled from the league after goin’ HAM and causing the biggest brawl in the history of sports. Years later, Chuck has found peace as a high school football coach, until costumed mascots begin attacking him for seemingly no reason. Before long, Chuck’s going to discover that you can’t run away from the past-but you CAN punch it square in the face! (Part 2 of 6)

Friday, January 10, 2014

THE HOUR COSMIC: Multiversity podcast appearance (w/Chris Sims)...

Recorded earlier this week (I think), Chris Sims and I appeared on Chad Bowers podcast THE HOUR COSMIC to discuss DOWN SET FIGHT!

Listen, enjoy, and, please, Mr Nick Nolte, accept my sincerest apology.

DOWN SET FIGHT digital release...

Hey Chumps and Chumpettes,

With February rapidly approaching I need to remind everyone to order DOWN SET FIGHT! while shopping at their local comic shop this week (OCT13 1259).  An new OGN from Chris Sims & Chad Bowers and Me!

Also, the fine folks at ONI decided to collect the 7 chapter series in a serialized 6-issue digital release through Comixology:

For a mere $1.99 you can get in on the action with Chapter 1, each chapter will be released over each of the coming 5 weeks (with chapter 6&7 collected in the final digital issue).

You digital fans will get a new cover with each digital release, #1 seen above.  Check back for more info and details soon!