Friday, July 29, 2011

Intrepids #6 teaser...

Intrepids #6 is rapidly coming to a close (I'm a tad behind after my daughter was born). But I thought to wet everyone's appetite a series of small teasers were in order. First up, well, almost everyone Kurtis and I talked to wanted more Cyber-Bear -- who were we to refuse.


Unknown said...

As much as I hate to see the Intrepids series come to an end, I loved reading so much more. I'd put in on my list of best comics of 2011 without a second thought.

Kurtis sent me a review copy of Intrepids #6 for my site and I just loved it. His writing and your artwork just mesh so wonderfully - I'd love to see you guys collaborate on future projects.

Congrats on the series and the birth of your daughter!

ComicBookCritic said...

That's weird, my previous comment shows up as 'unknown'. Well my name is Carlos and here's my Google+

Anyway, I meant what I said :)