Sunday, December 28, 2008

Graveyard Soldier...

Alright, I've always been fascinated by the two World Wars. The events leading up to the wars, the players involved, the motivations and, in this case, the costuming. This image was a costume study of a Canadian soldier, circa WWI. Now, I did take a few liberties -- the jacket is based on an Australian soldiers, and the collar is based on a Russian. What fascinated me most when reading up on the Wars was that soldiers had to carry upwards of 40 kilos worth of equipment when running into battle -- thus, the enormous backpack.

I would like to include some more smoke. As well, perhaps some phantoms chasing our good soldier through the graveyard. Regardless, enjoy!

The Gingerbread House or Gretta (not sure yet)

Alright, these are some storyboards for a sequence associated with my Gingerbread House characters (see previous post). There are 15 storyboards in total (I think), these were my favorite. I need to do some minor adjustments on the remaining, so stay tuned. The basic premise behind the House was a brothel of debauchery run by a group of four women (and one gimp) known as the Witches (though the story has taken on a much more complicated overtone since...more work to come). The storyboards were an outlet for introducing them.

The Domino's Pizza Noid...

I always wondered what became of the Domino's Pizza Noid. You know, the pizza destroying mascot of the 1980s. The Noid was always my favorite corporate mascot, mostly because he hated the companies product and made attempt after attempt to destroy it. Pretty hilarious marketing gimmick. Anyway, this three panel story theorized that the Noid did survive his debunking from mascot status, but has done nothing but consume Domino's Pizza since. Poor bugger.

Corus Entertainment Annual Report (mock)...

The illustration class had an annual report project as a final assignment this term. I chose to do a 6-page comic for Corus Entertainment (a Canadian broadcasting company). There are a few panels I want to redraw, as well as all of page 4. Other than that I really like the direction these pages started to take. I'm also proud of the fact I coloured all of this is one day (as well as inked one of the six pages). Dig in!