Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Batman '66 League of Shadows...

I had actually forgotten about this, but thought it would be a fun share.

While working on my Bane issue of Batman '66 I had an idea for 66ing more of the Caped Crusader's Rogues, as well as revisiting some who appeared on the show.  It all escalated quickly and I spent a day putting a package of material together to pitch Jeff Parker.

By the time I got it to him the regular series had been cancelled though, so bringing the idea to fruition wasn't in the cards unfortunately.  But here is a collection of character designs for the League of Shadows '66.  I really wanted them to feel like Batman's equivalent to SPECTRE.

My idea was to hint at the League with another Bane appearance, by re-introducing Nora Clavicle.  She would meet with Bane and discuss with him her "father."  The other members of the League would be peppered in smaller back-up stories, as some of the players were not major threats on the show.  I really wanted to reintroduce many of the lesser used and regarded.


The big twist would have been Nora Clavicle being revealed as Ra's Al Ghul's daughter, Talia.  Nora had originally infiltrated every civic office of Gotham City, which I thought reflected her counterpart in the Dark Knight Rises.  Made for a nice nod to Talia's legacy.

Then Ra's would enter the picture, all Peter Fonda'd up in his hippy-messiah garb.

The image order was exactly how I pitched it to the Bat-Team.  Tried to add some drama, right?

Oh, I had also hoped to revisit Killer Moth.  His Batgirl pilot appearance just wasn't enough for me.

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Lance Rutt said...

LoL this is a way more interesting backstory than the Nora Clavicle episode deserved